General Insurance Actuarial Support

We can provide a wide range of actuarial support for general insurance companies, including the provision of an experienced actuary who can perform the Chief Actuary (general insurance excluding Lloyds) role for your company.

We can carry out the calculation of IBNR and other claims reserves, Technical Provisions, Solvency Capital Requirements, stress testing implications and pricing exercises or we can review the calculations carried out internally. We will see ourselves as part of your team.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding of risk characteristics of general insurance products.
  • Knowledge of PRA requirements for IBNR, Technical Provision and Solvency Capital Requirement calculations.
  • Knowledge of the issues in the market.
  • Flexible service to fit your needs, from all inclusive actuarial support to just carrying out one particular calculation.
  • Embedding of Solvency II governance requirements.


We have a thorough understanding of the issues affecting actuarial teams in small general insurance companies and can offer services to meet your needs.

  • Provision of PRA Chief Actuary role

We can provide the PRA Chief Actuary role including presentation of the Actuarial Function reports to the Board for general insurance companies (excluding Lloyds).

  • Technical provisions

We understand the requirements for the calculation of Technical Provisions and can advise the Board on the appropriateness of the methodology used to calculate Solvency II Technical Provisions, Unearned Premium Reserves, IBNR and OSCR.

We can calculate the required claims reserves and Solvency II Technical Provisions for you.

  • Pricing

We have experience in pricing a range of general insurance products.

  • Capital requirements

We can either help firms calculate the Solvency II Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) or review the internal assessment of the SCR. We can help firms prepare their ORSA including their forward looking assessment and help in governance issues including leading discussions on the reverse stress tests.

  • Statutory reporting

We work well with other professionals generating the right team spirit to achieve the tight deadlines required by the PRA for annual and quarterly reporting including the production of reporting templates. We ensure that our reports fit into your business and not the other way around.

  • Solvency & Financial Condition Report (SFCR) and Regular Supervisory Report (RSR)

We provide tailored support for completing your SFCR and RSR. This can range from supplying the actuarial input into the reports to completing large sections of the narrative.

  • Documentation

We can produce or review documentation in relation to Technical Provisions, ORSA, SCR and Actuarial Function Report.

  • Data

We can assist with the assessment of data to ensure that it meets the Solvency II complete, accurate and appropriate requirements.