Actuarial Projects for Insurers

If you need an independent expert or actuary we can supply the relevant person with full support staff.

We have experience of transfers of engagement and on investigation work and can help at reasonable cost.

Additionally, if you are an actuarial team that requires extra support on some of your projects, we can provide a cost-effective quality support package. We are happy to carry out one off actuarial projects for firms.

Key Benefits

  • Move the resource requirement for a special project external to your team.
  • Team support for all the individuals involved with experienced actuaries controlling the quality of the deliverable.
  • Only pay for the expertise you need and for the time it takes – cost effective.
  • Wide-ranging expertise.


All of the actuarial projects that are likely to require support can be dealt with.

  • Independent actuary and independent expert

We provide an independent actuary or independent expert as part of your transfers of engagement or Section 166 work.

  • Enhancing or validating Solvency II technical provisions or Solvency Capital Requirements

We can help develop your calculations or we can validate what you have done. We can tailor our work to suit your needs.

  • Developing policyholder documentation and illustrations (KIDs)

We can offer support for implementing and reviewing documentation and illustrations, including KIDs, from advice on the calculations to development of a calculation engine to complete all figures required to complete production of the documents. We can tailor the work to meet your needs.

  • Product development projects

Unit linked, with profits and non-profit products can be developed. We have good contacts with consultants from other disciplines (marketing, sales training, compliance, technical support, underwriting, IT) and can project manage a product development through using very little internal resource but with key point sign-offs by you after quality assurance checks. We can also just deliver the actuarial part of the project and attend project management meetings. Again, your choice.

  • Feasibility studies

We are able to deliver full feasibility studies on new corporate developments. Major suites of products, new offshore subsidiaries and even establishing new life companies. Again, we can tie in with your chosen team of other specialists or can supply other consultants to provide all the disciplines required.

  • Business plans and delivery

We are able to deliver the next step from the above – the full Business Plan and the delivery of the project through setup to first day trading.