Actuarial Support for Small Friendly Societies and Non-directive Insurers

We can provide the support level that you need in terms of valuations and bonuses up to a full actuarial service.

We can also provide senior and experienced actuaries to discuss issues with your Board. We know the cost issues that are important. We will provide solutions that focus on your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Careful selection of services to avoid charging for services not required.
  • Discussion of needs.
  • Focus on important issues only.
  • Cost effective service.
  • Team support.
  • Experienced individuals.


  • Statutory roles

We can provide Actuarial Function Holder and With Profits Actuary roles for insurers and Appropriate Actuary for Friendly Societies.

  • Statutory reporting

We work well with other professionals generating the right team spirit to achieve the tight deadlines required by the PRA for annual and triennial reporting including the production of the reporting forms. We ensure that our reports fit into your business and not the other way around.

  • Report and accounts

We understand the requirements of accounting standards on the actuarial liabilities and can easily operate with the finance department to generate compliant accounts.

  • Financial Condition Report (FCR)

The FCR is intended to be an inclusive document rather than just a technical actuarial document. We focus on the key risks and prioritise our work (and your discussions) on the key points. We take fully into account your risk mitigation programme. We also never forget that the FCR is a key part of your business plan.

  • Advice on bonus levels

We give timely advice of the right quality to all of our clients who need to make bonus decisions or to understand the bonus decisions of the Appropriate Actuary. We work to your requirements as a Board. Our full reports are always praised for their clarity and technical detail. We try to ascertain boards’ preferences for bonus changes well in advance.

  • Product development

We provide all of the actuarial support necessary to ensure new policies meet their profitability or bonus earning targets. We always report on new policies in full understandable documents which allows the board to make all of the decisions on whether to proceed with the new policy type and how to monitor and mitigate risks. Likely new business strains and impact assessments are standard to the final report. We can also provide support with key features documents.

  • Strategy

We can help the Board on the strategic future of the Society.