The SDA Team as you have never seen us before

At SDA, we know the importance of working as a team, so that we can share our expertise and provide an excellent service, even if your usual adviser is not available.  So alongside our regular ideas sharing meetings, training sessions and lunches that all help us to work as a team, once a year we have a team day out.  Past adventures have included riding Segways, kayaking, bowling, escaping and acting as detectives.  This year, we navigated our way on a walk in the delightful Surrey Hills, enjoyed a pub lunch and then painted pottery, all organised by Suzi.  But this wasn’t just any pottery painting.  If you have ever played the game Picture Consequences, this was Pottery Consequences.  We were each given a mug and added one feature then passed the mug to the next colleague, so we each ended up with a mug showing how our colleagues thought we looked (or at least as close as our artistic skills would allow).  Perhaps we should stick to actuarial work?