SDA achieves accreditation under Quality Assurance Scheme


The QAS is a voluntary accreditation scheme available to organisations that employ members of the IFoA. It is designed for organisations who wish to demonstrate their commitment to effective quality assurance at the organisational level that underpins the quality of actuarial work. To achieve QAS accreditation, SDA had to pass a rigorous, independent assessment of its working environment, culture and processes to demonstrate our commitment to high quality work.

Alison Carr, Senior Consultant Actuary and Senior Quality Assurance Representative, said “Our accreditation shows our commitment to quality assurance, communication with clients, appropriate policies and procedures, and the training and development of our staff.  However, the QAS scheme is not just about gaining the accreditation and sitting back, pleased about the high quality of our work, but being committed to continuously improving what we do.  We therefore continue to monitor, review and where necessary modify our processes to ensure we maintain the high quality of our work.”