The SDA team volunteering day 2023

On Thursday 27th July, the SDA team took part in our annual volunteering team day with Good Food Matters at their community garden and kitchen in South London.

The day began with an introductory talk from Colin, where he explained the charity’s mission: to provide the space, knowledge and support to enable the local community to grow, cook and enjoy healthy and nutritious food. After an important health & safety briefing, we were split into three groups for our morning activities.

  • Group 1: The first group were assigned to tidy the kitchen pantry which involved a lot of sorting of the many packets, tins, boxes and bags of food and checking the shelf life of each.
  • Group 2: The second group got to grips with tidying in the upper large greenhouse and arranging the worktops and benches along each side.
  • Group 3: The third group helped install new hooks for the hanging of the many garden tools in the newly constructed tool shed. This also involved gathering, sorting and cleaning the forks, spades, rakes, hoes and other equipment.

All 3 groups managed to complete their tasks in the morning session and enjoyed a well-earned lunch! We all joined back together for the afternoon activity, which was to complete the planting out of the Choose Love refugee themed charity garden, with instruction from award winning garden designer Jane Porter. The SDA team were so committed that they stayed later than the finishing time to make sure the job was completed.

Further information about Good Food Matters and their mission can be found in the link below: